A number of exhibitions and lectures in which I have presented my artwork to the public are indicated below.

  • 2019
    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Summer exhibition “long live Rembrandt”
  • 2019
    Openingspeech for the exhibition in the Rijksmuseum tent on the festival “Zwarte cross”

  • 2019
    Solo exhibition in the grote kerk in Apeldoorn

  • 2019
    Exhibition in museum Jan Cunen in Oss

  • 2018
    Exhibition of regional artist in Hierlot (Wallonia, Belgium)

  • 2017
    Solo exhibition, Teuge (GLD)

  • 2017
    Selected as one of the 20 nominees for the competition ‘Painting of the year 2017’ in the Coda museum, Apeldoorn. This concerned works sent in by artists from the Netherlands and Belgium, followed by a joint exhibition with the painting of the Waternymph

  • 2015
    Solo exhibition in Huis Verwolde Laren

  • 2014
    Solo exhibition in Huis Verwolde, Laren, including a lecture about my artwork
    Exhibition in Gallery PS20, Apeldoorn

  • 2003
    Exhibition of regional artists in the City Museum Woerden.
    Winner of the ‘Salon van Woerden’ audience award

  • 2001
    Solo exhibition at the Rabobank, Heerlen

  • 1998
    Solo exhibition at the SFB Group, Amsterdam

Nard Kwast