Painting: landscape

Landscape paintings are very popular works of art. Over the years, I have created various classical landscape paintings. You will see some of them on this page. If you would like a different landscape, I as a landscape painter may be able to make this for you on commission.

A unique landscape results in a unique painting

No two landscapes are the same, and so every good landscape painting is an authentic and unique work of art. I have looked a great deal at the old masters, and I also used to make reproductions for study (for example, a Schelfhout winter landscape). However, afterwards I went my own way. I have used classical painting techniques to make the landscapes shown here. You can see classic winter landscapes, but also contemporary landscapes.

Dutch landscape

Museums are full of beautiful paintings with equally beautiful Dutch landscapes. A number of old masters have become famous for their landscapes. Consider Ruisdael with his famous cloudy skies and Schelfhout with his beautiful winter landscapes.

If you are interested in a landscape painting, I will be pleased to discuss it with you.

Would you like to learn more about landscape paintings?

Would you like a unique handmade painting of a beautiful landscape? See below for some examples of landscape paintings that I have made.

If you are interested, then you can contact me and I will discuss the possibilities with you.

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