Most artists consider painting portraits to be one of the most difficult disciplines in painting. For me, it is also one of the most enjoyable things to do. It is one of my arts of painting.

It is important for a portrait painter to look beyond the outward characteristics of the person being painted. It is literally the ‘art’ of rendering on the canvas the unique properties and the character in the portrait and also to define an atmosphere that really does match the person being portrayed. After all, you can also render a factual depiction with a photograph.

Portrait painting on commission

Portrait painting is always done in accordance with a drawn up quotation and terms of delivery. Depending on your request, together we will consult the possibilities, the desired format, the delivery time, the number of sessions and the photographs supplied. Everything is done in proper consultation according to your wishes and my possibilities within a particular period. Thus a good portrait painting is real customisation in all respects

Having a portrait painting made from a photograph

A good portrait painting is a lovely reminder or record of a dear relative, your child or another important person. It is also a marvellous present to give away. What is lovelier than a unique and original handmade painting? It forms the centrepiece in your room or reception area.

A good portrait painter always forms a bond with the subject of the portrait. This is the best way of reflecting in the painting the character of the person being painted. One can use photographs as an aid to memory, but they will never replace face-to-face contact.

The art of portrait painting

What does one want to express with a portrait? Does it concern a formal portrait, with a conventional appearance? Or is it a family, where harmony plays a role? What attributes can support this? For example, a musical instrument may strengthen a musician’s image.

A portrait painter will discover how a face is composed and which elements are unique and characteristic for that person. The more of someone’s character one can capture, the more one can render the true expression in the painting. A well-painted portrait will always be a valuable work of art.

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