Aristotle with a Bust of Homer

Oil on canvas – 143,5 x 136,5 cm

Commissioned, I made this reconstruction of this beautiful work by Rembrandt in a traditional way. The work has a very nice place in the house. This canvas was prepared in the 17th century way with the old animal glue and chalk and oil (as it is nowadays with acrylic gesso, a kind of primer). Very intensive and complicated because it was applied warm and prepared in a special way. This work is also made in the traditional way of technique. Even the white in this work is the old lead white. The varnish is also self-made with dissolved resins. The frame was also specially made by Gregors Lijsten in Spankeren and everything about it is handmade. Many hours of work, but the result is impressive.

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I have described the entire process in a book especially for this customer.