The seigneur washing his hands

Oil on canvas – 75 x 65 cm

The winning and missing painting of “The seigneur washing his hands” (Dutch television “De nieuwe Vermeer”)

The girl in olive green clothes enters with a letter (like all ushers in Vermeer paintings are in this green) The maid looks up! Is everything perhaps timed a bit wrong? The seigneur is still thinking when he has just eaten. The painting of the matchmaker in the background by Dirck van Baburen, a Carravaggist from Utrecht, may reveal the love story, just like the little cupids on the tiles. Perhaps for the first time we see the man who receives a letter back? Because in all the other paintings we always see the ladies reading and writing or receiving the letters.. The painting will be on display in the Mauritshuis in The Hague from 20 March.

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