The Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Oil on linnen – 128 x 160 cm

For a client I was allowed to make a reconstruction of this special work by Rembrandt. It is a very large canvas and much larger than I previously thought, namely 128 x 160 cm. What is special about this painting is that it is Rembrandt’s only seascape and is has been stolen in 1990 in Boston from the Gardner Museum. Normally I visit
museums and make a thorough study, but in this case that was not possible. I’ve scoured the internet for pictures, compared books. But
after a lot of study you start to recognize certain colors (such as in the background, the blue, the yellow and red ochres). So with this
well-known palette in mind and with the data I could find, I tried to create a credible reconstruction using the old 17th century
paintingtechnique. In any case, my client was very pleased with it. To complete the work, the painting is also provided with a handmade
Gregorslijsten frame after the original from the Gardner in Boston. They also made the frames for original Rembrandts, so it couldn’t be

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