Are you interested in a good reproduction of an old master? I would like to tell you more about it here.

In the old days, before apprentices were allowed to create their own work, they were first set to work on e.g. making the paint, as was customary in the 17th century. Later on, if they had demonstrated sufficient talents, these apprentices were also allowed to do the paintwork of the relatively simple components on the commissioned paintings in the ateliers of the great masters. In this period, it was also more common for painters to make reproductions of each other’s work. But even until the 20th century, it was customary to make reproductions as a study for apprentices at academies. This is the only way to really understand something of how such a work was produced. Unfortunately, in present day education, this has ceased to be common practise for a long time and this is partly the reason why we have lost so much knowledge.

Reproduction of Rembrandt’s ‘Bathsheba with King David’s Letter’

Reproduction painting of the very highest quality

So a good reproduction, which is also technically properly composed and which has the same allure as the original, is not something one can order anywhere and demands a great deal of knowledge in this field. The possession of a good Rembrandt reproduction, or another 17th century master, will therefore attract the necessary attention. After all, an original is virtually unaffordable, or simply not for sale.

I paint these reproductions – on commission if applicable – with great passion and esteem for the artworks of these famous painters.

Exclusive reproductions of well-known paintings

You will find several companies and painters on Internet who make replicas, but their quality often lags behind the original. Prints and so-called glicées, a computer printout or a poorly replicated artwork can of course never equal an original masterpiece or good reproduction.

The reproductions of famous paintings that I paint, are of very high quality, almost undistinguishable from real, and they radiate the same allure. Through my knowledge of the 17th century painting techniques and my love for the masterpieces of great classical painters, I paint reproductions on commission that attract worldwide attention.

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