A number of exhibitions and lectures in which I have presented my artwork to the public are indicated below.

  • 2024 (Jan. 18)
    “Outstanding Technique Award”, exhibition at the Salmagundi club New York during international figure painting competition.

  • 2023 (March 20-June 4)
    Mauritshuis in The Hague. “Daer een Seigneur zyn handen wast” the missing works of Johannes Vermeer.

  • 2022 (July-August).
    Joint exhibition “Learning from Old Masters” with Lisa and Maria Wiersma in the Great Church of Apeldoorn.

  • 2021 (September)
    Exhibition in Castle Ravenhof in Belgium Region Antwerp.

  • 2021 (May 14 to 23)
    Exhibition at Château de Gouvy (Wallonia).

  • 2019 (July 15 to September 16)
    Rijksmuseum Summer Exhibition “long live Rembrandt”

  • 2019 (May 4 to 19)
    Exhibition at museum Jan Cunen in Oss

  • 2019 (June 29 to September 14)
    Solo exhibition at the Grote Kerk in Apeldoorn opened by Annechien Steenhuizen

  • 2017
    Nominated for “Painting of the Year 2017” with the 2014 painting of the Water Nymph.

  • 2014
    Solo exhibition in Huis Verwolde in Laren

  • 2003
    Winner of the audience award of the ‘Salon of Woerden’ in City Museum of Woerden.

Below are some of my media appearances.