Before pupils were previously allowed to create their own works, they were first put to work, for example, making the paint as was common in the 17th century. Later, these apprentices (and if proven talented enough) were also allowed to do painting at the relatively simple parts on the ordered paintings in the studios of the great masters. During this period it was also more common for painters to make reproductions of each other’s work. But also until the 20th century, making reproductions as studies for students at academies was common. Only in this way is it possible to really understand something of how such work was created. Unfortunately, this is no longer common in contemporary education, and partly because of this, much knowledge has also been lost.

That is why Nard has made some works as a study and through this has gained in-depth knowledge about 17th-century painting techniques.

This includes making the primer, paint and varnish himself, with great interest and passion for classical painting. All frames are handcrafted by a renowned frame maker who also works for museums worldwide.

These studies are also made with a matching high-quality frame. Nard works with a famous renowned frame maker who makes handmade high-quality frames and also works according to recipes and molds from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.